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    "Professor & Brand Ambassador to IMA" From Indian Medical Association-2019
    2. The Best Doctor of India-2013
    3. LIBYAN medical aouncil award 1993
    4. Life time health achievement award, 2005
    5. Bharatiya Chikistak Ratna award, 2005
    6. Bharat Jyoti Award, 2008
    7. Bharat Chikistak Jyoti Award, 2008
    8. Hon PhD, CU, Florida, USA-2010
    9. Subarta Award 2012
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    12. Prof. Panda as guest at 5th world diabetes congress,LAS Vegas(USA)
  • Know Your Rice

    Rice is the main stapple food for Humanbeing. Rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake,There are two types of rice.One is polished and another is unpolished rice.Unpoished rice is very difficult to get it.Otherwise known as brown rice.In Orissa it was available as “Dhenkikuta Rice”
    Energy: 985KJ Energy: 861KJ
    Proteins: 4.3g Proteins: 3.6g
    Fats: 1.8g Fats: 0.5g
    Carbohydrates: 44.8gms Carbohydrates: 62gms
    Fibre: 2.5g Fibre: 1.3g
    Calcium: 7mg Calcium: 2mg
    Iron: 0.8mg Iron: 0.3mg
    Vitamin B1: 0.23mg Vitamin B1: 0.02mg
    Vitamin B2: 0.23mg Vitamin B2: 0.02mg
    Vitamin B3: 3.1mg Vitamin B3: 1.3mg
    Vitamin B6: 0.28 Vitamin B6: 0.16
    Vitamin B9 7.8 Vitamin B9 2.3mg
    Vitamin B12 0.28 Vitamin B12 0.03
    Since polished rice lack of Vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12 thus increases the homocystine level thus increase in triglyceride level.Thus there is much Cardiovascular risk factor.Though Diabetes is linked in cardiovascular events.This polished rice increases the risk of Coronary artery disease thus the heart attack.Twenty years back ?Heart attack was the royal kind of death?.Means who those are rich.But it is prevalent now in poors.It is only due to heavy consumption of polished rice. Brown unpolished rice is a healthy food because it provides us with rice bran, which contains b-sitosterol, a naturally occurring substance that lowers blood cholesterol. Thus I gave the name ?ZERO RICE?

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