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    12. Prof. Panda as guest at 5th world diabetes congress,LAS Vegas(USA)
  • Stenting is an Unnecessary Procedure

    Two case study was being done in one is a Police Habildar & Another Retired Principal of a college Both are having Hypertesion & Known case of Diabetes Mellitus came with Acute AMI ECG,reveals AMI,TROP-T in the both case was POSITIVE,CK-MB was 800-900ng/ml.Both have been advised for Stenting procedure by the cardiologist, They come to me .From our centre I advised for acute AMI Treatment & compleate bed rest as usal along with My Zero rice,Zero oil & Belly exercise. Periodically check-up was being done.ECG was normal in both the cases .All enzyme level normal within Seven days. But with my maneuver Cardiac CT Ca score in one case was “ZERO”.But with Mr S was 37 after one year. Since three years Both are leading normal Active life. Keeping the blood sugar & BP within normal level.
    Conclusion:-Extensive study is required for IHD OR AMI Cases without stenting procedure to anyone which is a Unnecessary procedure can be put under Usal Medication,Change of life style,Diets,& Exercise along with my “ZERO RICE,ZERO OIL & BELLY EXERCISE” Can have a normal life.Whereas in stenting procedure(1)Patients Psychologicaly depressed (2)Stents is foreign substance it will cause damage to Endothelial layer of Coronary artery(3)Re-Stenosis is Usal.But drastically with my Manuever a person will lead a norml life.

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