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    6. Bharat Jyoti Award, 2008
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    12. Prof. Panda as guest at 5th world diabetes congress,LAS Vegas(USA)
  • Ways Of Belly Exercise

    BELLY EXERCISE:- we do quick exhalation and natural inhalation. Normally exhalation takes one fourth of the time of inhalation. Quick exhalation and natural inhalation follow each other.
    HOW TO DO:-Seat in a comfortable position with back straight. Inhale deeply through both the nostril.Then exhale with forceful contraction of the diaphragm by which The air is pushed out of the lungs by the contraction of diaphragm. One can begin with 20 times twice daily.
    EFFECTS:- . Normally exhalation takes one fourth of the time of inhalation. Quick exhalation and natural inhalation follow each other. During quick Exhalation there is increased in venous pooling. During quick natural Inhalation there is arterial pooling.By this way if there will be Venous pooling and arterial pooling there will be slow degradation of arterial plaque. I have studied it in two case report frank case of Myocardial Infarction where is There is definite indication AMI.Trop-T is positive.But with the medication and my manuover Complte normal ECG with Zero score in CARDIAC CT Angio.
                 This is tremendous methods By which I am claiming there will be reversal of Coronary arterial plaque.Not only coronary but all the tissue organ will function well.
    Benefits of Belly Exercise:-
    (1) Belly Exercise cleanses the lungs and entire respiratory system.
    (2) The blood is purified and body gets an increased supply of oxygen to all cells.
    (3) Digestion is improved.
    (4) Abdominal muscles are strengthened.
    (5) Prepare the mind for meditation.
    (6) Energise the mind for mental work.
    Common Mistake: -
    (1) Abdomen is contracted while inhaling.
    (2) Shoulders are contracted to push the air out when exhaling.
    (3) Back and shoulders move during exercise.
    Point to Note:
    (a) Exercise should not be done if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time during the exercise.
    (b) Rapid breathing used in this technique should be from the abdomen and not from the chest.
    (c) Belly Exercise should be practice on an empty stomach only.
    (d )Belly Exercise should be practiced followed by Relaxation (atleast 10 minutes) and before meditation.
    (e) Chest should not move very much.
    By Belly exercise Heart,Kidney and all the tissue functions well. There will be reduction of aging process.

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